To be successful in the lucrative interactive simulation and game design industry, you’ll need:

  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to put your ideas into speech and design
  • A teamwork-based work ethic
  • Conceptual skills to bring a story from idea to final design
  • The capacity to work in a group setting with a collaborative team spirit
  • People skills in order to work well with various personalities and a wide variety of ideas
  • Willingness to adapt to technological challenges and constant change in industry trends

Although producing a demo reel is important, we want to go a step further by giving you a well-rounded education as well as a well-rounded portfolio.

Our three-pronged approach combines real knowledge in:

  1. Art and design, building a solid educational base
  2. The science of software and programming, so that you can execute your artistic ideas
  3. The ability to work collaboratively with a team, as you’ll do in the workplace

You’ll learn the skill sets that will help you succeed in a competitive industry:

  • Writing (storytelling)
  • Programming and level design
  • Organization and discipline needed to meet tight deadlines
  • Collaborative and teamwork skills
  • The ability to sell your ideas and products
  • The art of taking an idea from simple concept to complex design