Adjunct Faculty
Richland College 

Bruce has more than 20 years of IT experience as an executive, technical product team lead and developer of both source code and content. He serves as Clear Technologies’ lead software and data engineer for its Visual Storage Intelligence product. He teaches Game/Simulation Program 1 and 2, as well as Unity and C++. 

His career has focused on many technologies over the years, but most of his work has been software engineering in Microsoft technology stacks (Visual Studio / C# / SQL Server / BIDS), Java / Oracle stacks, or multimedia development work such as simulation development for aircraft companies.  

In 2008 he went to work for ONE Network Enterprises, a company formed by former colleagues from i2.

He also worked as a Java developer on custom projects for the U.S. Marine Corps, lending his user experience and design expertise to its newest initiatives and open-source offerings. The OIS-MC development team was awarded the prestigious Department of the Navy IM / IT Excellence Award in 2010.