Faculty, International Business and Trade, Richland College
Academic Advisor II, El Centro College

David Jiménez holds three bachelor’s degrees from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio: a Bachelor of Arts degree in German; a Bachelor of Science degree in biological science; and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in financial management. He also holds two master’s degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson: a Master of Arts degree in international management studies and a Master of Science degree in management and administrative science. His professional experience spans more than 50 years.

He has served on the Richland College faculty since 1994 and teaches five courses in the International Business and Trade program. He has also taught GED in Spanish in the Continuing Education Division and has received El Centro College’s Excellence in Teaching award for adjunct faculty. He holds Teacher Certification in Texas and worked for the Dallas ISD as a bilingual teacher for eight years.

By age 16, he worked full time at Harlingen National Bank. He attended Pan American University (later University of Texas-Pan American) before transferring to St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. He worked for Texas Instruments as a logistics engineer, and the U.S. Department of Defense conferred on him security clearance, Level ll. After earning two master’s degrees, he worked as an investment banker at Mercantile Bank and later became finance manager at Parkland Health and Hospital Systems.

He opened a nursing residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina, worked as a bilingual teacher for the Dallas ISD, and then accepted a position at DCCCD LeCroy Center-Dallas Online College as an MS Office and College Systems instructor. He later accepted a position advising students at El Centro College, and he continues to advise and teach International Business and Trade courses for Richland College.

Mr. Jiménez converses in more than 10 languages and speaks six languages fluently. His poem Meldar el Kaddish por el Ladino was published in the Israeli magazine Aki en Yerushalayim, Revista Kulturala Djudeo-espanyola, written in Judeo-Spanish of the Middle Ages. He has taught Irish and also speaks Scottish Gaelic.