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Jana Flowers, Ph.D.

HDEV and Psychology Faculty

Jana Flowers earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology from the University of Southern California. She came to Richland in 1984 from Los Angeles, where she chaired the Psychology Department at Los Angeles City College and taught at California State University-Dominquez Hills in Carson.

She is a member of the Psychology and counseling faculty and the African-American/Black Studies program at Richland. With a family history that includes five generations of educators, Dr. Flowers always knew she would be a teacher. She has been honored with the college’s Excellence in Teaching Award (1986) and the DCCCD Innovation of the Year Award (1989) for developing and implementing Richland’s mentor program.

Dr. Flowers is a published author and keynote speaker on such topics as “Effective Parenting Strategies,” “Preventing Parent Burnout,” “Brain Calisthenics for Improving Attention and Memory,” “Active Listening: More Than Meets the Ear,” the “Bring Your Own Brain” lecture series and “Valuing Diversity.” She is a member of the American Psychology Association, the Black Psychological Association and Phi Beta Kappa.