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Dr. Stacey Jurhee

Program Coordinator, Political Science/Government, and the Eastfield College Scholarship Institute
Eastfield College

Dr. Stacey Jurhree earned an associate degree at El Centro College, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science from Eastern New Mexico University, another master’s degree in African-American studies from Ohio State University, and a doctorate from Clark Atlanta University. He has taught at several universities, including Georgia State University, South Georgia College, Eastern New Mexico University and Paul Quinn College.

Changing schools often when his military family moved across the United States and Europe, he was told by teachers that he was stupid. “I flunked two grades and stopped trying,” he remembers. But after he came to Dallas in 1976 to live with his aunt, he earned his GED and began classes at El Centro College. Though he began college with a ninth-grade reading level, he just took more developmental classes.

Dr. Jurhree has published six books, the most recent being American Government and Texas Politics 2017, and teaches political science and government classes at Eastfield College from his own book. Though he believes that the study of government can and should be taught at a practical level, his educational mission is even more basic. He wants to make sure that his students understand their own self-worth and contribution to society. 

“As a teacher, I tell my students that everyone has a gift, but a different gift,” he says. “In almost 20 years of teaching, I’ve never met a dumb student. Lazy, yes, but not dumb. Every student can learn. Show me somebody who’s never failed, and I’ll show you somebody who’s never tried anything.”