Are you interested in studying a foreign language and learning more about Western civilization? Are you intrigued by ancient and medieval history? Are you fascinated by the Renaissance? Do you enjoy delicious food, luxurious fashion, music and art?

Top Ten Reasons to Study Italian

  1. Learning Italian will improve your cultural understanding and global communication. Italian is spoken in Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino, Croatia, Albania, Malta, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Argentina and the northeastern United States!
  2. Of the five Romance languages, Italian is the closest to Latin, the common denominator for all Romance languages. Knowing Italian may even improve your skills in English!
  3. Italy is a tourist's paradise! Its central location and temperate climate make it the ideal place for travel. Knowing the language allows you to meet and interact with locals and learn about their culture.
  4. A recent study by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages showed that enrollment in Italian language classes in American colleges and universities is growing faster than enrollment rates for Spanish, German and French by 20 percent!
  5. Italy has one of the top economies in the world, with approximately 7,500 U.S. firms doing business there, including Chrysler, General Electric, IBM, Motorola, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Citibank.
  6. According to a study by UNESCO, more than 60 percent of the world's greatest art treasures are found in Italy. Great masters like Giotto, DaVinci and Michelangelo were Italian. Knowing the language is vital to understanding their artistic masterpieces.
  7. The majority of the world's cultural heritage sites are located on Italian soil.
  8. If you enjoy the arts, music, architecture, design and food, then you should study Italian! Italy is a recognized world leader in culinary arts, fashion, graphics, interior design, furniture design, robotics, electromechanical machinery, shipbuilding, space engineering, construction machinery and transportation equipment. Italian is also the language of OPERA!
  9. Italian is recognized as one of the most beautiful spoken languages in the world!
  10. If you have knowledge of Spanish or French, then Italian will be EASY TO LEARN!