Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Spanish course if I already speak Spanish?

Just as English speakers must still take English courses to develop their reading and writing skills, so too must you continue to develop your Spanish skills on an academic level. Mountain View offers courses specifically for native speakers of Spanish or students with a higher level of proficiency (SPAN 2313 and 2315). Research shows that when you enhance your reading and writing skills in Spanish, you will also improve those skills in English and any other language you decide to study.

What Spanish courses are offered at Mountain View, and which course should I take?

We offer conversational Spanish, beginning and intermediate Spanish and culture and literature classes. If you have never taken Spanish, or you have little experience with Spanish, then you should start with beginning Spanish. If you already speak Spanish outside of the classroom on a regular basis, then you should take SPAN 2313 for native speakers. If you are unsure about your options, speak to one of the Spanish professors to find out which course is best for you.

What is the two-track Spanish program?

Mountain View has developed two programs of Spanish. One program is for students who are native speakers (they grew up speaking Spanish, hear Spanish daily at home, etc.), and the other is for students who are learning Spanish as a second or third language.

Can I test out of beginning Spanish and take a more advanced course?

Yes. The Spanish Placement Exam (SPE) is free, and it can help you earn credit for beginning courses. Students who pass the placement exam can automatically enroll in more advanced Spanish courses, and they can receive passing credit for introductory Spanish by taking an additional exam. Contact us to learn more about how this program works.

Do Spanish courses at Mountain View transfer to four-year universities?

Yes. Spanish courses are in all three tiers of the Core Curriculum. When you complete the Core Curriculum and graduate with your associate degree, all public four-year universities in Texas must accept your credits.

What type of Spanish will I learn at Mountain View?

You will be exposed to an academic Spanish that will enable you to read, write and converse with native speakers from all over Latin America and Europe. You will focus on building your vocabulary to speak about various topics, and you will learn how to write in Spanish using proper grammar. You will also be exposed to the various cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

Does Mountain View offer study abroad Spanish courses?

Yes. Every summer Mountain View students travel to either Spain or Latin America. The dates, length of the trip and location can differ. Contact us to learn more about our study abroad opportunities.