Student Experiences

​​​No matter where these current or former students are in the process of reaching their ​goals, we salute them. They have dared to turn dreams into reality through education. Could you be next?


Doug Jochum

Art Teacher, Skyline High School

Paul Maniscalco

Career Changer

Juan Fuentes

Owner, The Dream Trim remodeling subcontractors

Stephanie Graham

Instructor, Auto Body Technology, Eastfield

Spencer Lindstedt

Contract-Term Pipefitter

David McNabb

Automotive Technology Instructor, Brookhaven

Bruce Parramore

Welder, All Metal Fabrications, Allen, Texas

Mike Reinhardt

Full-Time Student and Future Underwater Welder

James Bauer

Technical Specialist and Welding Fabricator, Armadillo Aerospace

Austin Brooks

Full-Time Student

Harold Collins

Welding Instructor, Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, Calif.

Judy Gregory

Potter and Welding Hobbyist

Paul Mears

Welding Artist and Business Owner, Iron Art of La Jolla, Calif.

Helen T. Watts

Firefighter and Dispatcher, Dallas Fire-Rescue, Welding Hobbyist

Troy West

Full-Time Student

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