Austin Brooks

​Full-Time Student

“I actually first taught myself how to weld on YouTube because I’m always working on tons of projects, but when I got to the metal part I was lost. Then I realized I wasn’t very good at teaching myself, so I came to Mountain View to really learn how to weld.

“Dewayne Roy is such a good teacher because he’s so hard on you and wants to teach you the right way to do things. You’ll think you’ll have done something really nice, but he just won’t accept it if it’s not done absolutely right. And that’s how you learn to do things well.

“The classes you learn in aren’t the ones you breeze by and get an A in. The classes where you really learn are the ones where you work your rear off to get a C, and the teacher makes you work for that C.

“I’m deciding on whether to do an associate degree; my end goal is to transfer to a four-year university. I’m in the Criminal Justice program, still getting my basics out of the way, though I took some criminal justice courses in high school.

“I’m taking welding for my own knowledge so that I can build what I want to and know how to handle the metal part of my construction projects. If I’m not in school or with my girlfriend, I’m in the garage working on something.”

Austin Brooks is a Criminal Justice