Kevin Schumacher

Senior Production and Training Manager

“The Visual Communications program at Brookhaven took me and created an example of how to make a diamond from a piece of coal. The professors involved in the VCom program are able to see the potential in every student, which they seem to do effortlessly and intuitively. They can draw the best out of a student’s talent while sanding off the splinters, gleaning a confident, well-prepared professional.

“Jerry Hill and Lauri Collins nurtured an environment that was creative, fun and honest to the industry during my time at the college. They always seemed to know how to inspire students during their instruction, and classes were rarely boring.

“Jerry and Lauri should never stop teaching, and those of us who were emboldened with ambition because of them owe our success — at least in part — to Brookhaven and its VCom team.

“Thanks, guys. I owe you one.”

Kevin Schumacher attended North Lake and spent a semester in Rome in its study abroad program from 1997-1998 before transferring to Brookhaven. He graduated from Brookhaven in 2001 with an associate degree in Visual Communications. As senior production and training manager for TravelCLICK, a hotel e-marketing firm, he builds websites for the hospitality industry.

Some of his recent projects include team building for corporate and resort websites for Trump Entertainment Resorts, the Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami and ARAMARK Harrison Lodging Site; and designing and building sites for The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Ky., and the Blackfoot Inn in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He won the Silver Adrian award in 2007 for his design of the Palms Hotel & Spa website. Based in Phoenix, he is earning a master’s degree in graphic information technology at Arizona State University.​