Atrium Gallery

​​​Located in Building B, the Atrium Gallery at Dallas College Brookhaven Campus​ is dedicated to showcasing visual communications works by professionals working in the field, as well as by students and faculty members in our program. Graphic designers, advertising studios, illustrators and other media specialists exhibit their work in the Atrium Gallery, giving students and the surrounding community an opportunity to see the art of seasoned veterans and a reason to strive for greatness.

Fall Faculty Show

The Visual Communications Faculty Show is exhibited at the beginning of the F​all semester and showcases the expressive and diverse talents of the program’s team members. The show serves current students, visiting school groups touring our facility and others currently undecided on a career path. It's a way to appreciate the high degree of professionalism and discipline our instructors exhibit and implement into their classes.

Texas 2Show

Don’t miss the Texas 2Show! This show is a special event for Brookhaven's Visual Communications program. We are the only two-year collegiate Visual Communications program in Texas that has its own art gallery space in the Atrium Gallery. Therefore, we sponsor an invitational for students studying visual communications, computer graphics, communication design or computer art and illustration at two-year colleges in Texas. Work is selected for exhibition by area professionals, followed by an awards reception for winning entries and informal “gallery talk.”

Past judges for the 2Show have been:

  • Jeff Barfoot
  • Willie Baronet
  • J.W. and Cathy Burkey
  • Steven Craig
  • Don Crum
  • David Figenshue
  • Bart Forbes
  • Todd Hart
  • Brian Peterson

Featured Professionals

Atrium Gallery professional exhibitions have featured the work of:

  • Jeff Barfoot
  • Willie Baronet/GroupBaronet
  • J.W. and Cathy Burkey
  • Amy Bryant
  • Lauri Collins
  • Ray-Mel Cornelius
  • Don Crum
  • Bob Depew
  • David Figenshue
  • Robert Flowers
  • Bart Forbes
  • Ted Forbes
  • Ray Hand
  • Todd Hart
  • Michael Hogue
  • Pauline Hudel-Smith
  • Casey McGarr
  • Rock Morris
  • Bryan Peterson
  • Chet Phillips
  • Don Ivan Punchatz
  • Pat Ramseur
  • Scott Ray
  • Barron Storey
  • Kelly Stribling-Sutherland
  • George Toomer
  • Janee Trasler
  • Jack Unruh
  • Glenda Williams
  • BWC
  • The Dallas Society of Illustrators
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • Fossil
  • Texas Graphic Resources