Fiorella Alvarez

Assignments Desk Editor
CBS-4 News, Miami

“This program interested me because I wanted to experience hands-on learning, and North Lake provides it. I had fun and learned a lot at the same time. The school had classes and clubs that allowed me to learn a lot about film and video, and also meet students with the same interests.

“I would recommend this program to other students who want to get into the world of film and video. The Video Technology program has a lot of equipment and staff available to students so they can learn and make good use of it.”

Fiorella Alvarez earned an associate degree in Video Technology from North Lake ​in 2005 before earning a bachelor’s degree in broadcast management from the University of Texas at Arlington.

As an assignments desk editor, she gives reporters and photographers their daily assignments, researches and confirms information on news stories and breaking news, answers viewers’ questions and works with producers on content for newscasts.

Fiorella has worked for CBS-4 News in Miami since October 2009. She previously worked as assignments desk editor for NBC Channel 5, based in Dallas, and was a finalist in the Video Association of Dallas 24-Hour Video Race.