Zlatko Prijic, RRT


​Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator

Baylor University Medical Center


My name's Zlatko Prijic.

I'm a pulmonary rehab coordinator here.

I've been a respiratory therapist for about 21 years.

I graduated from El Centro.

They have a great program, prepared me for the field of respiratory therapy.

It gave me an opportunity and since it's a different career for myself it opened up new doors for me.

And it's been a rewarding career.

Instructors at El Centro ​we're very knowledgeable and very helpful when it came to respiratory therapy and explaining what it was and guiding us during our education at El Centro.

Well when I moved down here from Canada, I wasn't allowed to work so I went to school and I didn't know what respiratory therapy was.

When I went to El Centro it was convenient for me, the location.

And it was centrally located with all the hospitals around it so it was real convenient to do clinicals.

El Centro had a good reputation.

It was very affordable -- the education -- and for the quality of the education that you're getting.

I think El Centro prepared me quite well and I'm very qualified to do what I do.

And I've worked in different areas.

This is where I've settled right now but I've worked in ICU and they prepared me for ICU.

They've prepared me for floor therapy and it's a well-rounded education.

I think I'd recommend El Centro to anybody, and I always do.

If someone wants to go into respiratory or wants to learn more about respiratory, I point them in that direction.​​