Laurie Blundell, BSRC, RRT, NPS, A-EC, CPFT

Respiratory Care Practitioner

Baylor University Medical Center


I'm Laurie Blundell, I'm a Respiratory Therapist and a Certified Asthma Educator.

My role is more of a Respiratory case manager, in that I come up with treatment plans.

I like focusing on one area of patient care versus the entire body.

I like the Cardiopulmonary System, the heart, the lungs.

I love how they work together.

And I get to focus on that specifically and treat the patient that way.

Well, number one reason is because it was close to home.

I can stay living at home and it's an affordable price.

It had a great education program, for respiratory care.

And I knew ultimately I wanted a bachelor's degree in respiratory.

But an associate was a great option.

I got the a​ssociate, worked my way through the Bachelor's degree program.

The program is a full time program but I was able to work in the evenings and on the weekends.

So I was able to get schooling and work at the same time.

We got to use a lot of hospital experience at Parkland and Children's.

So those are county hospitals and you see everything there.

And, it was just, it was a great experience.

And another thing is because I did live in the area, I was able to do my schooling at hospitals that I would potentially work at.

So you got to know people, they got to know you.

And it was just, it helped me when I was preparing to get a job.

The one thing I really liked about the program was the professors, the instructors, they were great.

They pushed you along through the entire program.

If you were struggling with a problem you could go, go to them and they would help you.

And the classes were so small that you were able to get that one on one attention if you needed it.​