Icela Robles

Sandyland Estates Home Builders

“I have worked in real estate since 1999 in new home sales with a local Dallas homebuilder. I am not sure why I hadn’t jumped in to obtain my real estate license sooner. I guess the thought of actually becoming a licensed real estate salesperson seemed too difficult and far off. I was so wrong.

“I started with one Real Estate course and saw how easy it was. Before I knew it, I had completed all of the courses required to take my real estate exam. The most convenient thing was that the courses were also offered online — which is great as I juggle a full-time job and a family. The instructors were very caring and helpful. And the beginning of my success began as I passed the real estate exam on my first try!

“In the classes, I learned basically everything I needed to know to work in the real estate business: ethics, laws, guidelines, about the Texas Real Estate Commission — really, all that the business entails — through the Real Estate program. The courses also helped in giving me the knowledge needed in the financial and mortgage part of real estate.”

“Without going through the Real Estate program, I wouldn’t have been able to officially make real estate my career. After nine years, I still learn something new all of the time and continue to further my real estate education with other courses offered.

“I will soon begin my next goal of becoming a broker and will definitely be attending Dallas College ​to meet my goal. The most rewarding part in real estate is when you are able to get that first-time homebuyer into their first house — I love it!”

Icela Robles got her Real Estate Sales license after studying in the Real Estate program in 2008.