Arti Desai

Agent, Ebby Halliday Realtors

“I got my real estate sales license through Dallas College ​and took two of my courses online: finance and marketing. I liked the convenience of the online courses, and I could have done them all online at a different school, but I thought it was really necessary to be in class, to deal with problems and get feedback.

“The teachers were so forthcoming with their help — they’re not just teachers but are mentors, and I continue to call them. Theda Redwine pushed me to keep challenging myself and learn more. I passed my real estate license exam the first time with flying colors because I knew exactly what I was getting into when I walked into that test room.

“I never felt alone; I always felt that there was someone to turn to and someone rooting for me. There were times I felt unsure and my confidence was shaken, but I always got encouragement to work through it and get to the other side. My instructors in the program always saw my potential, and the support they gave me went way beyond the teacher-student relationship. I never walked away from a single class with unanswered questions. If they didn’t have an answer on the spot, they’d have it for me by the next class.

“My instructors really pushed me in doing research, not to just settle for face value but to go one step further and justify my answers. Ms. Redwine always pushed me to do my best, not just for the sake of doing my job but to represent all Realtors — and her as a teacher. What was expected of me in the classroom translated to success on the job, so that I could get out there with confidence and strength because of my strong education. The first two months I had my real estate license, I had listings — and that in the worst economy this area had seen in a long time. I never had the issue of wishing I’d learned more in the classroom; I know my stuff, and I really attribute that to my teachers.

“It’s very obvious that the Real Estate faculty have a passion for what they do, not just for teaching but as a profession. They’re straight about telling students that they have to work hard and know their material, but they also emphasize how important it is to form relationships and connections. They remind us that when we sell a home, we’re giving a client one of the greatest gifts. They taught me the importance of relationships, and that’s what I do with my clients as well.”