Melissa Metzger, RT(R)(ARRT)

Senior Radiologic Technologist, Children’s Medical Center
Radiologic Sciences faculty

“As a radiologic technologist, the patient always comes first. As an instructor, the student always comes first. I believe it is very important to train future professionals in the importance of ethical patient care and health care delivery.

“After hours and hours of clinical work in the hospitals, the Radiologic Sciences program taught me how to be familiar with taking so many different types of X-rays and sometimes having to think outside the box. I still work for Children’s Medical Center and have had nine years of experience here.

“All students coming out of this program will be able to position each patient for every type of X-ray, no matter the difficulty of the exam. Some patients may be super tough to hold still or to calm down. You have to use special techniques to help them. Always try to put yourself in each patient’s shoes. They are probably having a harder day tha​n you are.

“I love patient care. Each patient is so different and I love being able to take care of each of them.”

Melissa Metzger earned an associate degree in Radiologic Sciences in May 2007 and started her job at Children’s Medical Center immediately after graduating. She began teaching full-time in the Radiologic Sciences program in the fall of 2016.