Psychology at Mountain View

​​​​The Psychology program at Mountain View offers a variety of courses to provide freshman and sophomore ​students an education in scientific psychology that encourages critical thinking, a broad intellectual perspective and lifelong learning.

Faculty members of the Psychology program at Mountain View strive to prepare students for a variety of educational pursuits, and they strive to enable students to think critically about behavioral and mental processes and to appreciate and respect others. 

The program's student learning outcomes focus on psychology as a science, the development of effective speaking and writing skills, respect for the diversity of human experiences and appreciation of how psychology contributes to the improvement of the human condition.

What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. How we think, perceive, remember, learn and behave is a fascinating field that affects every aspect of our being. 

From the complex function of our brains to the ways in which we interact with one another, psychology explores how we can better understand mental functions and behaviors by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

Why study psychology?

  • Psychology helps us design new and better technologies.
  • Psychology helps us better understand human behavior and benefits society as a whole.
  • Psychology is a well-paying and well-respected profession.

What careers are available in psychology?

  • Advertising sales agent
  • Armed forces officer
  • Behavioral analyst
  • Case manager
  • Child welfare caseworker
  • Corrections officer
  • Direct care provider
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Employment counselor
  • Hotel manager
  • Human resources specialist
  • Insurance sales/claims representative
  • Marketing/market research analyst
  • Marketing/sales manager
  • Medical sales representative
  • Police officer
  • Probation officer
  • Psychology paraprofessional
  • Public relations specialist
  • Residential counselor/mental health worker
  • Retail buyer/manager/merchandiser
  • Sales agent/manager
  • Supervisor
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Special education teacher
  • Teacher aide
  • Youth counselor