Philosophy and Religion at Richland

​​​The mission of the Philosophy and Religion program at Richland is to provide students and teachers alike with interactive and cooperative learning environments in which they may examine ideas related to their cultural, philosophical and religious heritages.

The​ Philosophy and Religion program further strives to develop skills in the analysis and evaluation of arguments and the ability to write and speak clearly about philosophic and religious issues which pertain to values, knowledge, reality, human nature and God. The program aims to translate these skills into considered action and reasoned interaction with the greater global community.

The religious and cultural diversity of the Richland community adds an extra dimension to our course offerings. The program provides students with an exciting and challenging environment in which to embark upon a serious study of the contemporary world's predominant religious traditions. As Philosophy and Religion faculty at Richland, we seek to inspire our students to creatively explore both global and local expressions of religious culture.