Dianna Zaragoza

Dianna Zaragoza
Freelance writer and stay-at-home mom

My full–time job is motherhood right now — I have four children ages 6 to 11. My goal is to get my doctorate eventually and work in education as a teacher or maybe an administrator — something that involves a lot of writing. Other than my family, writing is my passion. I’ve written three complete screenplays, one of which is actually readable, and I hope to do more creative work in the future as well.

I work part time for the Mesquite Independent School District and as a freelance writer for the website Associated Content, a blog site.

Taking online courses allows me to maximize time with my family and children. It helps me to manage my time so that I can be more flexible and be with my children more. The flexibility is the best thing. I’ve only had to come in to campus for tests. And even though I don’t live that far away, the cost of gas these days is a major factor in my decision to take courses online. Distance learning works for my budget and for my schedule.

Dianna Zaragoza is earning an associate degree through online courses offered by Eastfield College.