Deah N. Mitchell

Deah N. Mitchell
Assistant to the Director of Alumni Relations and Programming, SMU;
Owner, Nicole Berry Events

Initially, I took online courses because it was the only practical option if I wanted to keep working full time and go to school; I didn’t have a car at the time. In the beginning, I was hesitant because I didn’t want the courses to be too easy — I wanted to actually get something out of them. But once I realized my online courses were really challenging, I kept going back for more.

My technical communications course helped me immensely when I was starting my own business. I always thought I was pretty good at writing, but that course really taught me the business side of writing and e-mail and what business communication is supposed to look like. Without that class, I wouldn’t have known how to communicate as effectively.

I was also able to write my business plan and submit a business proposal to my hometown news station (KXII in Sherman), and they offered me a sponsorship for one of my events later this year and potentially a small segment on event and wedding planning. I definitely owe it to this online course and my awesome instructor!

Deah Mitchell works full time as assistant to the director of alumni relations and programming at SMU. In spring 2008, she also launched her own business, Nicole Berry Events (her middle and maiden names), which specializes in event planning and catering for groups of less than 75. She finished an online associate degree in summer 2008 and is continuing her education at SMU. She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in corporate communication and public affairs, double-majoring in psychology.