CAP Credit Course List

Students who pass all sections of the Certified Administrator Professional (CAP) exam will be granted credit for 15 hours (or five courses) from a selected list of Dallas College BOSS courses:

POFI 1301 - Computer Applications I
POFI 1341 - Computer Applications II (MS Office) or
POFI 1349 - Spreadsheets (Excel)
POFT 1301 - Business English
POFT 1309 - Administrative Office Procedures
POFT 1319 - Records Management
POFT 2312 - Business Correspondence and Communication

Students must complete 12 college-level hours at Richland, and at least two courses must be completed in the Business Office Systems and Support (BOSS) program with a grade of "C" or better. Credit earned through the CAP exam is applicable only to the BOSS program.