Drug Screening Procedure

Drug screening is conducted for all student applicants prior to acceptance into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program, and a non-negative drug screen that is confirmed positive by the medical review officer will bar admission to the program for a minimum of 12​ months. The results of the drug screen are generally accepted for the duration of the student's uninterrupted enrollment in the program, unless allegations are made to support a reasonable doubt that the student is free of illegal drug use. With reasonable cause, the student may be required to submit to further screening at his/her own expense.

​Mountain View is responsible for designating and approving the drug screening procedures. The student must complete drug screening at the scheduled time. An unscheduled drug screen will result in an additional scheduled drug screen conducted at a time and place designated by the program, at the expense of the student.

  • Positive Drug Screen: A positive drug screen means a medically acceptable drug test approved by Mountain View, the results of which indicate the use of illegal drugs.

  • Illegal Drugs: Illegal drugs include those drugs made illegal to possess, consume or sell by the state of Texas and federal statutes. An illegal drug also includes those drugs taken by an individual which exceed the prescribed limits of a lawful prescription, or the taking of a prescription drug without a valid prescription.