Sarah Taylor, A.A.S. (ADN), RN

​​Registered Nurse, Adult Oncology Unit

Medical City-Dallas

“I had had one job for 20 years working in UPS delivery, but I was ready for a little more flexibility in my work schedule and load. I wanted to make a career change, and I knew I would have to go back to school. I had narrowed down my new career to be either teaching or nursing. My two adult daughters convinced me to go for nursing, but I was scared to death to go back to school.

“Going back to school at age 41 took hard work, dedication and concentration — but it was achievable. The best part of my education was the nursing staff. They are just so caring and supportive. They’re there to make sure you get all of the help and support you need. The most important thing I learned is that you’re never too old to set a goal and achieve it.

“Everything I learned in nursing school, I apply on the job every single day. In nursing, you have to have a caring heart and a great bedside manner. You have to be motivated to maintain the pace and willing to constantly learn and expand your foundation of knowledge. Nursing is constantly changing; you have to be willing to go above and beyond. And you have to have a good work ethic. You can’t be lazy in this job!

“It’s very important to me to take a patient’s family under my wing. I always tell them, the patient pays for my care. But the family gets my attention for free.”

Sarah Taylor graduated from the Associate Degree Nursing program in December 2006. She had first enrolled in developmental algebra and English, “to see if I could still go to school at age 41. And wow, I could.”

Sarah drove a school bus for the Mesquite ISD to work her way through nursing school and worked as a nurse in the Adult Oncology Unit of Medical City-Dallas and as a hospice nurse before assuming her current position as an oncology nurse at Texas Oncology Presbyterian Hospital-Dallas.