​​​ Coursework from transfer students requesting admission will be evaluated individually.

Coursework Completed at Dallas College

If the prerequisite and/or support coursework was taken at a Dallas College campus, we do not require course descriptions for those courses. However, if the relevant course is not the same course in the curriculum pattern, a course substitution must be requested.

If you are requesting a substitution for a course that was taken at Dallas College, this request must be made through the Mountain View Admissions Office with Rochelle Self-Drake​, Nursing program advisor. Course substitutions MUST be approved PRIOR to applying to the program. See the deadline on the Admission Timeline page. Course descriptions must be submitted, including descriptions for required prerequisites and support coursework. Please provide photocopies of course descriptions from online or print course catalog pages. Please do not highlight or mark the pages provided.

Note: When repeating a course for a better grade, the grade point average (GPA) will only be calculated from the last course attempted.

Coursework Completed Outside of Dallas College

Submit official transcripts and proof of accreditation directly from​ EVERY college attended outside of Dallas College to:

Mountain View
Attention: Admissions Office
4849 W. Illinois Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211

All official transcripts from all colleges attended must be submitted to the Mountain View Admissions Office PRIOR to applying to the program (see the deadline on the Admission Timeline page.)

PLEASE NOTE: International transcripts will not be accepted!