Reapplication or Transfer Policy

Mountain View will accept transfer or reapplication students on a standby basis only. The Readmission/Transfer Committee will make a decision to approve or deny requests and notify students in writing. Students who are approved will be ranked for available spaces according to the following priority order after the completion of each semester:

  1. First priority: Students who withdrew from any Mountain View nursing course for personal or health reasons and are in good academic standing. Reasons may include, but are not limited to, family crisis, pregnancy, illness or financial difficulties.
  2. Second priority: Students who withdrew from or failed a Mountain View nursing theory course or support course for academic reasons.
  3. Third priority: Transfer students in good standing.
  4. Fourth priority: Students who withdrew from or failed a Mountain View clinical nursing course due to poor performance.

Both transfer and reapplication students are eligible to transfer into the second, third or fourth semesters only, depending on available space. Transfer students must meet all requirements for the program and may only transfer from a “block” program. Additionally, transfer students must take at least 50 percent of their course work at Dallas College in order to graduate from Mountain View. Course credit will not be awarded for any hours accumulated in a nursing program with an “integrated curriculum.”

For questions about readmission contact​