Program Outcomes

​Program Outcomes Goals

NCLEX pass rates: The program will maintain an annual li​c​ensure examination pass rate of at least 80 percent for all first-time test-takers during the same 12-month period.

Program completion rates: Fifty-five percent of students who enter the program will complete it within 24 months (four semesters).

Job placement rates: Eighty percent of new graduates will be employed in the nursing profession within six months of passing the NCLEX licensure examination.

Program Outcomes

Year Graduate Nursing ​Students NCLEX Pass Rate Program Completion Rate Job Placement Rate
2015 18 95% 52.9% 100%
2016 2491.3%63.2%100%
2017 26 96.15% 69.4% 85%
2018 28 100% 66.7% 92.8%

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Communication: Communicate therapeutically with patients, families and multidisciplinary teams in the professional nursing role.
  2. Nursing process: Integrate clinical reasoning and the nursing process to provide holistic, patient-centered care across a patient's life span.
  3. Safety: Utilize national patient safety resources for professional development and to provide safe patient care.
  4. Informatics: Utilize technology, informatics and technical skills in health promotion, disease prevention and disease management across a patient's life span.
  5. Evidence-based practice: Evaluate research to provide evidence-based practice.
  6. Ethical-legal standards: Practice within the ethical and legal frameworks of nursing, assuming accountability for ensuring quality standards of nursing practice.
  7. Resources: Perform efficiently in a dynamic, resource-driven health care system.