Preadmission Testing

​​ ​Importan​t​​​​

  • ​It ​is imperative that you READ and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS throughout this process to ensure your ability to test within the allotted dates/times we have reserved. 
  • Please set up your ProctorU account and register for your test as soon as possible.​​​

How to Register for and Schedule your HESI Admissions Exam

Nursi​ng applicants will register for, schedule, and pay for their HESI admissions exam with the help of ProctorU. Please visit and read the ProctorU website​ and follow the steps below to begin.​

Step 1 - Create an Elsevier Evolve Account

If you don't currently have one, create an Elsevier Evolve account to register for HESI Student Access.​

  1. ​Visit the Elsevier Evolve website​.
  2. ​Choose "I'm a Student."​
  3. In the box titled "HESI Secured Exams," click on the "Register for Results and Remediation" link.​

  4. Click the blue "Register" button.

  5. ​This will take you to "My Cart." Click the blue "Proceed to Checkout/Reedem" button at the bottom of the page. You will now be prompted to create an account or sign into an existing one. ​Note: your username is auto-generated and will be a combination of ​ your first initial, your last name, and a number or series of numbers.​​

Step 2 - Create a ProctorU Account and Schedule Your Exam

  1. Create a ProctorU account with this invitation link​ if you don't already have one​​​. If you do have an account, you will need to sign in.
  2. Once logged in, click "Schedule a New Session."
  3. ​You will be prompted to select "On Demand" or "Schedule at a Later Date."
  4. Once selected, you will be able to choose your desired date and time to ​register to take your exam.
  5. After selecting, click "Select" then "Schedule." You will then be prompted to confirm your exam and registration details and proceed to payment. 
  6. Once again, confirm exam name, institutition information, and registration time and date. Then, proceed to payment.
  7. Complete required fields for payment authentication and select "Process Charge."
screenshot of My Cart and payment screen.

Important Notes for Testing​

  • You ​will need to have your Evolve u​sern​ame and password in order to test. You will be prompted for this information after starting your exam.
  • You'll need a computer, a webcam, and a microphone to take this exam. You will also need to be in a well-lit, private and quiet area that is free from interruption.
  • You will be asked to show a government-issued I.D. to authenticate your identity. Your face and your screen will be recorded the duration of the exam. 
  • You will be asked to show your entire testing space during the startup process.
  • The startup process will take between 10-15 minutes and does not deduct against your actual exam time.
  • It is important that you have enough bandwidth available during the exam. Be aware that other people on your network streaming videos or using excessive bandwidth can impact your testing experience.​​