Getting Started

​​The deadline to submit all application materials for admission to the fall class is the last working day of February. The deadline for the spring class is the last working day of September.

Admission Schedule and Deadlines

Meet with an Advisor

Students need to meet with an advisor, especially if you have previous courses to re​view and to establish whether more courses must be taken prior to applying to the Nursing program. Additionally, please read information about transferring in and substituting coursework. An advisor will also need to check your TSI/TASP scores, GPA and Reading and Math TSI Assessment status.

All students need to be proficient in their anatomy and physiology coursework. If it has been more than three years since you took this course, or if you feel you could benefit from a refresher, please consider retaking the course.​

Student Requirements

After acceptance, students are expected to meet several expectations and fulfill various requirements to continue through the Nursing program. Please familiarize yourself with these to allow ample time for preparations.

Before You Apply