NASM Accreditation

The Richland Music program is accredited by the nation’s leading collegiate music accreditation agency, the National Association of Schools of Music.

Most of the nation's leading university and collegiate music schools and departments are accredited by NASM. Richland is now one of four two-year institutions in Texas to have this national accreditation, and we are the first new accreditation in Texas in the past 51 years. Through meeting the national standards set by NASM, Richland is proud to serve the students with a certified music experience of excellence. The Richland Music program officially meets all of the same standards for the first two years of music study as does any four-year institution, making our transfers transparent. With over 20 performing ensembles that perform more than 80 times a year on and off campus and 400 students in the program, Richland continues to grow in its robust offerings to the local, state and national community.