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Music at Richland... equals excellence. Richland is a great place to learn and perform with the best. We are the first two years, of a four-year music degree experience, and we have a place for everyone in our music department. Music majors, music minors, as well as students who just want to learn and perform.

(Xylophone music playing)
Richland is centrally located near world-class performance venues, in central Dallas, Texas, such as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Opera, Dallas Wind Symphony, and Fair Park Music Hall.

There are approximately 20,000 students enrolled at Richland, through a series of on-campus, as well as distance learning courses, in virtually every academic discipline, making Richland one of the largest two-year colleges in the U.S.

For more than 30 years, Richland College, of the Dallas County Community College District, has focused on teaching, learning, and community building, on its 243-acre campus. Students at Richland are internationally and ethnically diverse, speaking more than 90 first languages.

(Woodwind and brass music playing)
As a two-year college, Richland offers the Associate Degree in Music, which we view as affordable quality... as we like to say, "low tuition for high-quality experience." The Richland Music Department has high transfer ability to most any public or private university. Recent music graduates have attended Berkeley, UNT, SMU, and Juilliard, as transfer students.

Recent graduates are also conductors, educators, performers, and retailers in all areas of the music field. Richland has established these successes through many connections over the years, with various music professionals and university professors, nationwide. The Richland Music Department has very unique course offerings, such as, Digital Music Composition, Jazz Improvisation, Music Technology courses, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Fusion Percussion Ensemble, as well as Steel Band.

Richland also has six levels of music theory -- from developmental -- to advanced. You can enjoy smaller classes in many areas that affords the individual student more personalized attention, to development and various needs.

The Richland Music Department is a very balanced department, with equally strong areas in instrumental and vocal music, as well as

music theory & literature, and methods courses. Richland also provides music education and conducting course components, that prepare students wishing to specialize in those musical fields -- at four-year institutions.

Students study and perform in over 17 different ensembles, in all areas of music: symphonic, commercial, jazz, pop, world, and choral. Richland has strong symphonic ensembles, not usually found at two-year institutions, nationwide, such as wind symphony, chamber singers, and string orchestra.

The Richland Music Department also provides a great chamber music experience, with chamber strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and piano groups that focus on specialized literature, particularly without the use of a conductor. Richland provides consistent quality performing opportunities in our daytime recital concert series, as well as our evening concert series, occurring each semester. Our music department has over

500 enrollments in music... in over 100 different music courses, each semester, with all-state and professional-level students, as well as students interested in all areas of the music field.

Richland has spacious facilities and a newly renovated performance hall, with state-of-the-art technology in lighting and recording. We have a technology lab, recording lab, and a piano lab, with the latest technology in ear training software, notation software, and Pro Tools software.

Richland's intermedia group fosters unique collaborations, between music students and projects in the theater and video game departments.

Our students get hands-on experience, recording live musicians, on stage, in our hall. From the set up, through the session and mix, to the final master, the students control the project.

(Choir singing) Richland has a music scholarship program that awards ensemble participation scholarships, as well as awards for music majors that can cover from ten to fifty percent of one's tuition for a semester. Richland is usually less than one-quarter of the cost per semester, or year, than the cost for most four-year colleges, and saves students a tremendous amount of funds for their future schooling.

(Jazz music playing with piano, percussion, bass, and guitar)
Richland has four full-time faculty -- two of which are administrators, and over 20 adjunct professors, who are well-known performers, clinicians, and authors in various fields of music.

Throughout the years, we have developed avery effective parallel to the university experience, with more breaths, since we send our students all over the U.S. and even Europe. Most of us have taught in both, universities, and community colleges, so we realize the effectiveness of continuity and preparation for upper-level studies.

We have an outstanding program in every area, from music theory, to technology, with an exceptional faculty support for all studies. It is our intent that each student will have an indelible experience that will go with them through the remainder of their college education.

(Jazz choir singing)
The Richland Music Department provides advising and registration for music majors, minors, and any student enrolling in a music class, within the Music Department.

This provides the most accurate guidance for the music students, regarding their courses, and of course their careers.

(Percussion jazz band playing music, with a bass player)
Richland provides special events for student advancement, beyond the regular curriculum, with national and regional clinicians, commissioning of new works, music festivals and competitions, run by our students to learn leadership, as well as guest performers and conductors being featured in concerts with our students.

An example of this, is our Carnival of Steel, with guest-artists: Annie Nirelle, David Rudder, and Ray Holman. Richland also provides opportunities to music students in performing groups -- to travel nationally and internationally -- to perform in major concert and clinic events. Examples would include the Texas Music Educators Convention in San Antonio, as well as the Carnival Cruise lines in Cozumel, Mexico.

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We invite you, as students, parents, and directors, to become a part of the Richland Music experience -- one of excellence that leads to the four-year degree. Come to Richland: learn and perform.