Recording Arts/Music Technology

​The Recording Arts and Music Technology area of Richland's Music program is an intensive program of study designed to teach the developing musician various technological and business skills that prepare transfer-track students for upper-level bachelor’s degree work.

Interested students also become prepared quickly to begin entry-level work in the music industry right after associate degree training at Richland. Using various software platforms in recording and audio engineering, developing press kits and websites, learning about music careers and becoming a live sound engineer are all skills acquired in our program.

Richland’s approach to Recording Arts involves a student becoming a solid musician first and using music technology in an artistic manner to pro​vide the most career options in one’s future. Recording Arts courses are taken through the Continuing Education Music Industry Series, which allows the Richland student musician to complete the associate degree in Music and these certificate-style courses simultaneously without abbreviation to essential musical training.

The Richland Recording Arts equipment collection includes:

  • A Solid State Logic AWS 924 Delta recording console
  • Full variety of recording microphones
  • Four Live Sound rigs
  • Recording Lab with three synthesizer workstations and full rhythm section instrumentation
  • Recording Arts classroom with 16 workstations, including Apple iMac computers and Pro Tools software