​The Percussion area in the Richland Music program develops music majors, minors and participants in all areas of percussion by offering a range of opportunities in contemporary, classical, jazz and world percussion solo and ensemble settings. Students have the opportunity to learn solos, transcriptions, techniques, improvisation and orchestral excerpts for a variety of performance and audition experiences.

Percussion majors prepare through their degree experience for career options, as well as transfer and performance job auditions. They become prepared to perform in all major areas of percussion, including snare drum; marimba; vibes; tympani; drum set; xylophone/bells; Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, African and Middle Eastern world percussion; and steel pans and symphonic accessories.

The Richland Percussion instrument collection includes:

  • Two five-octave Marimba One rosewood marimbas
  • Two 4.3-octave Adams marimbas
  • One five-drum set of Adams Dresden Philharmonic tympani
  • One five-drum set of Adams Symphonic Series tympani
  • One four-drum set of Ludwig Symphonic Series tympani
  • Four Adams and Musser vibraphones
  • Three Adams and Musser rosewood xylophones
  • Two Adams pedal glockenspiels
  • One Fall Creek glockenspiel
  • Five Black Swamp concert and field snare drums
  • Four Yamaha and Ludwig concert bass drums
  • Seven Yamaha Custom Maple Hybrid Drum Sets with top-line Zildjian and Sabian cymbal sets
  • Three sets of congas, bongos, timbales, cajons, doumbeks, African djembes and Brazilian surdos
  • Fifty different steel pans in lead tenor, double seconds, double guitars, triple cellos and six-bass pans voices

Percussion Labs for practicing and rehearsing:

  • Drum Set Lab with two drum sets and a full sound system
  • Tympani Lab with Dresden tympani and tuning sound system
  • Percussion Lab with full world percussion and concert percussion equipment set and sound system
  • Keyboard Percussion Lab with five-octave marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel and sound system

The Richland Percussion Group performs many types of c​lassical and contemporary works written for percussion and other instruments. This chamber ensemble explores works in all styles of music through adaptations for many configurations of percussion instruments.