Music Composition

The Music Composition a​rea in Richland's Music program has had tremendous success over the years in teaching students how to produce engaging and artistic compositions.

Led by instructor Omar Surillo, a graduate of Stetson and Yale University, many students have been able to create successful portfolios that have enhanced their transfer to four-year universities throughout the nation. Students enrolled in the Composition Ensemble course, as well as in Composition private lessons, are able to work with Mr. Surillo and many guest composers/artists on various topics, including, but not limited to, tonal, experimental and popular music; sound production applications; and new music ensembles.

Recently, the Richland Music program acquired a Solid S​tate Logic AWS 924 Delta recording console, which is used by composition students to record rehearsals of works in progress and final works. As part of our new Music Industry Series through the Department of Continuing Education, composition students are encouraged to take additional courses in audio recording, live sound and music industry to further develop their studies in the field.

Recent award-winning student composers include:

  • Quinn Mason (TCU)
  • Roland Garza (Capital University)
  • Oliver Smith (UNT)
  • Tyler Creel (TCU)