Auditions are required for private lessons and some ensemble classes. Check the course description of the ensemble class you want to take to see if it is open to all students, or if it requires an audition.

Additionally, students wanting to major or minor in Music should perform for an instructor for advice and help in selecting classes. Please make an appointment for your audition as soon as possible.

Music Audition Days

Music auditions are by appointment only.

Instrumentalists, sign up for your appointment by sending an email to Dr. Victor Soto at

Vocalists, sign up for your appointment by sending an email to Jackson Yandell at

Audition Requirements

Prospective vocal students should perform one work in any style.

Prospective instrumental students should be prepared to perform one solo piece and one etude and be proficient in other technical exercises. The student should be able to:

  • Perform any of the 12 major scales in two octaves, ascending and descending.
  • Perform a piece from the Baroque, Classical Romantic or 20th-Century styles. If the student performs a multi-movement piece, then the student should perform only one movement for audition purposes.
  • Perform one technical exercise or etude.

If you have any questions about the audition process, please contact Dr. Victor Soto at or Jackson Yandell at