Patrick Lawton

System/Software Trainer
R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications

“Being interested in multimedia but knowing nothing about it, at the age of 54 I hesitantly enrolled in Richland's Visual Arts Multimedia program. I was immediately captivated by the endless possibilities of the digital world. It was a catalyst for releasing my up-to-then dormant creative abilities. I was eager to attend my classes, knowing that every day I would be exposed to new concepts and new techniques. The instructors were supportive, inspiring and challenging. One very important benefit of attending the program was establishing connections within the welcoming Richland Multimedia community. I made many cherished and valuable friends.

“Within a few semesters, I was creating videos, digital art and websites. Upon completing the program, I worked as a freelance Web designer and taught Web design classes. Later, thanks in part to friends within the Richland Multimedia community and to skills learned while attending the Visual Arts program, I was hired as a system/software trainer at the LeCroy Center. 

“I strongly recommend any of the various Multimedia programs to anybody who is simply curious about the Internet, particularly to anybody who is creative and wants to dive — digitally speaking — into the multimedia world.”

Patrick Lawton completed Level I and II certificates in Multimedia TechnologyVisual Design at Richland. In his current position, he introduces multimedia concepts to Dallas College ​technical support staff, provides basic and advanced training in eCampus software, conducts multimedia training, creates eCampus tutorial videos and assists students and instructors in navigating and providing technical assistance for the eCampus and eConnect programs.