Chris Sommers

Interactive Multimedia Specialist
Southwest Airlines

“Before I entered the Multimedia program, I had few computer skills and I was just taking basic courses. I tried Introduction to Multimedia as an elective, and I was amazed by it. I couldn’t believe you could get a formal education and pursue a career doing something so challenging and fun.

“Throughout my time in the program, the staff, administrators and faculty were very friendly and knowledgeable. I learned valuable skills and made friends along the way, and now, thanks to my degree and the skills I learned (and continue to learn), I have had a successful and rewarding career in multimedia for the past five years.

“I design and develop interactive courseware as well as online training for Southwest Airlines’ Maintenance Training Department. I was part of a team that developed an advertisement/promotional website for Mountain Dew and the movie ‘Hulk,’ and we won the Macromedia Site of the Day award for that particular project.

“Today, I speak at conferences across the country, I fly for free and — believe it or not — I now teach at Richland! Not bad for someone who didn’t even know how to check e-mail.”

Chris Sommers earned an Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Web Design and a Level III Advanced Internet Communications certificate at Richland​.