Suhan Samarasuriya, MLT(ASCP)BB

​Medical Laboratory Technician
Carter BloodCare at Medical City-Dallas

“When I joined this program, I already had a B.S. in biology from UT-Arlington and was interested in medical technology. The instructors at El Centro provided me with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to succeed in this profession.

“I’m very happy with my decision to join this program and after completing my blood bank course and rotation, I knew exactly which field was perfect for me. There are still many things that I would like to accomplish in the future, but for now, I enjoy what I am doing and believe this program has helped me achieve my long-term goals.”

Suhan Samarasuriya is a medical laboratory technologist (MLT) certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and has a categorical Blood Bank certificate (BB). He is a graduate of El Centro’s Medical Laboratory Technology associate degree program. His responsibilities as an MLT at Carter BloodCare at Medical City-Dallas include crossmatching blood, identifying antibodies, and preparing and issuing blood products for patient transfusions that are safe and effective.