Melanie Lofgren

LVN in private home health care,
Nursing student

“I went to El Centro for a few college classes but had no direction. I had always been interested in the medical field and just saw Medical Assisting on the Dallas College ​website. As soon as I started the program, I absolutely loved it. I loved everything about being in a medical profession — especially taking care of patients — so much that I figured becoming an LVN was the next big step.

“Honestly, my whole year of Medical Assisting was such a fabulous experience. I’d like to especially thank all of my instructors, especially adjunct faculty member Diana Drury.

"I would recommend this program in a New York minute. Medical assisting is a great occupation, whether you're looking to become proficient in this field or use it as a stepping stone to move on to other health care specialties. You learn a lot about the medical field: patient care, the professional side — it’s just a fundamental place to begin your career. Plus, there are great jobs waiting out there. It’s very rewarding to know that you’re helping people with their health. The most important thing I learned at El Centro is that education is the key to everything.

“My education gave me a leg up on getting into LVN school. In medical assisting, I had already learned a lot of nursing terminology, anatomy and physiology and regulations and laws. I feel I totally have an advantage because I had already learned so much of the material.”

Melanie Lofgren earned a Medical Assisting certificate at El Centro in 2003 and began looking for an LVN program closer to home when she moved to Frisco. She graduated from Grayson County Community College’s LVN program in August 2007 and is now pursuing a degree there to become a registered nurse (RN). She also works full time as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) in a private home health care setting.​