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Fast Track Customer Service Certificate

The Customer Service Representative Certificate Program

Job Experience

The fast-track Customer Service Representative Certificate program lets you earn college credit by demonstrating competencies from previous work experience and through online learning. The Customer Service Representative Certificate is part of the Business Marketing program at the colleges of DCCCD. You'll take six online courses, including cooperative work experience which enables you to earn college credit for demonstrating skills for your supervisor on your current job.

Develop Skills of an Effective Customer Service Representative

Through this online competency-based training program, you can quickly earn 18 college credit hours and develop internal and external customer service skills in key areas like interpersonal communication, technology and social media, problem solving, conflict resolution and customer relationship management. Everything you need is built right into the courses, so there are no textbook costs or added fees to complete the certificate.

Get Started Today!

Fill out a college application online. If you have already enrolled at one of the colleges of DCCCD in the last 12 months, you do not need to re-apply. Financial aid is available.

To make sure the program is a good fit for your individual goals, contact our Program Advising Specialist at 972-669-6425, email or contact a faculty advisor at Cedar Valley College.

Faculty Advisor

Diane Minger

Dr. Diane Minger
Cedar Valley College

Gemmy Allen
Dr. Gemmy Allen
North Lake College

Learn more about the Customer Service Representative Certificate
from Dr. Diane Minger, faculty advisor:

Course Plan 18 credit hours

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  1. 1st 8 weeks
    1. Principles of Marketing
    2. Business Principles
  2. 2nd 8 weeks
    1. Customer Relationship Management
    2. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  3. 3rd 8 weeks
    1. Business Correspondence & Communication
    2. Cooperative Work Experience

The Fast Track Customer Service Representative Certificate applies 100% to the Business Marketing AAS Degree.