Tony Lewis

​Service Technician
On Service;
Electronics/Mechatronics Student

​“I’m working toward an associate degree in Electronics/Computer Technology. I first decided to take the new Mechatronics course because [former program coordinator] Chuck Dale suggested that it would be a good course for my degree plan. I like the hands-on aspect — I really like getting my hands dirty and working with the gears and motors.

​“As a kid, I loved building models, and this is a little like that — taking things apart and putting them back together. I will be the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college, and I’d love to get a job working in electronics.

“What really interests me is seeing all the different parts to everything — how it goes together and works, what it’s used for. I still like taking things apart and seeing how they work.”

Tony Lewis graduated in 2002 from Skyline High School, where he was a dual credit student at the colleges of DCCCD. He found his current position with the help of Electronics program coordinator and mechatronics instructor Chuck Dale.​