Jennifer Kohl

A​dministrative Assistant
Highland Village Police Department

“My experience in the Management program was outstanding! I was able to complete the entire degree online while still getting the ‘classroom’ feel. The instructors were truly interested in my success and my implementation of the skills I was learning. I also met a wide variety of people and a couple of good friends through the interactive experience. I tell everyone about this program — I am so glad that I found it!

“In my current position, I have been awarded Employee of the Year for the past two years, and as a result of a discussion with one of my instructors (Dr. Minger), I have started the wheels in motion to have my position re-evaluated and my title changed in view of the many supervisory roles that I am currently performing. The skills I learned in these classes have definitely helped me to supervise the 10 employees I have directly reporting to me as well as the many others who indirectly report to me. It is the votes of these employees, along with many other coworkers, that won me the award of Employee of the Year for the past two years.”

Jennifer Kohl earned an associate degree in Management.​