Blanca Piña

D​irector of Human Resources
Tuesday Morning, Inc.

“One of the most important decisions I pride myself with is earning an associate degree and certificate in Management. This was the foundation that provided me the opportunity to be competitive and have a successful career as the director of human resources for Tuesday Morning Partners.

“As a working mother of three, I was interested in earning college credit hours through my job experience. Fortunately, the management program met my needs. The best part about going to class one night a week and earning twice the credit hours was that I could still spend quality time with my children.

“I met many valued business associates going through the program. I especially enjoyed taking the classroom courses and networking with fellow students. Learning from their unique management experiences also helped me develop and grow facets of my own career.

“No matter how much knowledge, skills and experience the students had, there was much to learn from our instructors. I credit my instructor in the Management program for mentoring me in furthering and continuing my education. After attending college for eight years as a part-time student, full-time employee and full-time mother, I am pleased to say that I now also have bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These plus my PHR (Professional Human Resource) certification have opened a wide range of opportunities for me.

“I highly recommend the Management program. Anyone can benefit — whether you are a first-time or experienced manager, or have a degree in other areas. It was the foundation of my career and it can also be yours. Through education, I am living my dream.”

Blanca Piña earned both an associate degree and certificate in Management. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business studies and a master’s degree in management and human resources from Dallas Baptist University.