Jose (Josey) George, RCIS, LMRT

Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist
Baylor Garland Hospital 

“My training and education at El Centro provided me with the knowledge and skills required to perform my job very well as an invasive cardiovascular specialist. The best part of my job is the satisfaction I gain at the end of each day, due to the fact that I’ve made a difference in my patients’ and their families’ lives by being a part of the lifesaving medical team.

“This profession provides me with the privilege of witnessing the difference between helpless patients who arrive in distress with those leaving the cath lab with a smile on their face. It gives you joy feeling that you are actually contributing to society through your services — you are needed by the community. This profession facilitates my personal and professional growth.

“Success in this profession is based on your dedication, honesty and willingness to learn, as well as the desire to make a difference in patients’ lives. This is a Monday-through-Friday day job, and you don’t have to work other shifts, weekends or holidays except when you are on call. This profession also enables me to make a decent living.”

Josey George (who uses a revised spelling of his name to reflect its correct pronunciation) earned an associate degree in Invasive Cardiovascular Technology from El Centro ​in 1997, as well as a general associate degree from Richland. After working for 11 years in Baylor Medical Center-Garland’s catheterization lab, he moved to Presbyterian Hospital, and he now works again at Baylor Garland Hospital.

A graduate of Mesquite High School, he emigrated to the U.S. from India in the 1980s. He holds credentials as a registered cardiovascular invasive specialist and limited medical radiologic technologist.​