Brandy Kuykendall, RCIS, LMRT

Special Procedures Cardiovascular Technologist
Electro-Physiology (EP) Lab
Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas

“I worked in the cath lab for six years before transferring to the EP lab. Both are exciting areas to work in — you have to constantly be on your toes. A patient’s status can change at any moment. Oftentimes, especially with emergency procedures, the patient gets immediate relief from what we have done.

“It’s a nice feeling to know that you have helped someone, especially the patients who you truly ‘saved’! I enjoy working with patients, and health care is a great field to be in. You work good hours, make good money and get to meet interesting people, all while making a difference!

“The Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program is great. I was really able to use my clinical time to absorb all of the information I could. The hands-on experience combines the technical side with theory that you learn in class. Clinicals are where everything comes together. Academically, our instructors really prepared us for the registry exam.”

Brandy Kuykendall earned an associate degree in Invasive Cardiovascular Technology from El Centro in May 2002 and also holds a general associate degree from Eastfield​. She earned credentials as a registered cardiovascular invasive specialist (RCIS) and limited medical radiologic technologist (LMRT).