Will Zulu

​Full-time student seeking job

“I was raised in Zambia and came to the U.S. in 2004. I want to get a job in international business, preferably marketing. Originally, I enrolled at Richland thinking I wanted to go pre-med. ​But after I took one semester where I had to pick up a class that turned out to be exports, I fell in love with International Business. My class was with a working professional who worked for a company exporting American farm produce, so he taught from a viewpoint of someone in the business.

“The Richland program has been an eye-opener. I’ve been exposed to quite a lot of things, and it’s so valuable to understand things from different points of view. You have to consider what will work in a certain culture and with a particular language so that whatever you’re trying to sell or market will be in that context. In a classroom full of international students, everybody brings in a different point of view.

“Best of all, the professors are outstanding, always helpful and willing to go out of their way to help you.”

Before emigrating to the U.S. from Zambia, Will Zulu studied journalism in Zambia and logistics in a program in the U.K. Besides English, he speaks Zambia’s city slang, a combination of Bemba and Njanya (two of the country’s 72 languages), as well as some Zulu.