Gilberto Tellez


Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine

“I got a lot of knowledge from Richland’s International Business and Trade program. I was taking some other courses, but once I took a course in International Business, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I have a lot of places to go, people to meet, money to make. I’m working as a restaurant manager right now, but I want to get more experience in international business. I’d like to own my own company someday.

“I want to do something where I can travel and not be stuck in an office doing the same thing every day. When I first got to the U.S. — my family came here from Monterey, Mexico — the first two years were the most difficult. People just act differently here than they do in Mexico and understanding those cultural differences will help me in the future in my career. I think it’s important to speak Spanish in Texas, there’s such a huge Spanish-speaking population here. It can really give you an edge in business.

“I want to get a bachelor’s degree. The best and most important thing is the knowledge I learned in Richland’s program. I’ve learned things that I know I will use someday in my career. I’ve learned a lot of things that I’ll be able to put into practice.”

Gilberto Tellez earned an associate degree in International Business and Trade from Richland​. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.