Nisreen Almasri


Freelance Web Page Designer and Lab Assistant
Student Resource Center

“I enjoy the craft of writing a set of commands or instructions that can later be compiled and transformed into a user-friendly program. I also find great joy in designing Web sites by using different kinds of graphic skills and a variety of multimedia software to create elegant, lifelike images. Moreover, I enjoy teaching a variety of computer skills.

“It was easy to become friends with fellow students, instructors and co-workers at DCCCD. Being an international student with English as a second language was not easy, but DCCCD has helped me learn how to be more confident because of the great support that I have experienced.

“In my career, I am practicing everything I learned at college, and I have learned to be confident and to never give up. I recommend this program to anyone interested in computer programming.”

Nisreen Almasri emigrated from Syria eight years ago and began her college path with English as a Second Language and developmental courses. She earned an associate degree in CIT - Software Programmer Developer and an additional A.A.S. degree.

As a part-time lab assistant in the college’s Student Resource Center (SRC), she helps students strengthen their computer literacy skills, does basic computer troubleshooting and helps collect and organize students’ data. Having served as president of the Student Government Association and as an officer of Phi Theta Kappa (the academic honor society for two-year colleges), she has been recognized by the college as an outstanding student leader and student leader of the year.

She also does freelance Web design, copywriting, editing and technical writing; has designed several professional Web sites; and has worked with nonprofit organizations supporting women’s rights overseas. She is working towards bachelor’s degrees in computer science and interior design at the University of North Texas.