Danny R. Starnes

Vice President of Finance Programs for an international retailer

“Dallas College opened many doors for me. I was unable to attend college right after high school, so I ended up working dead-end jobs for little pay. The decision to go to college was the best decision I ever made. Shortly before graduating, I was already making more money than I had ever dreamed possible. Over the last few years, I have quadrupled my salary using the skills I first learned at Eastfield.

“The program offered very knowledgeable, caring instructors whose entire focus was to help me succeed. I strongly recommend Dallas College ​for anyone looking for a great start to a fulfilling career.”

Danny R. Starnes earned an associate degree in CIT – Programming. He also earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Master of Business Administration degree in strategic leadership from Northwood University. Danny has received several superior accomplishment awards from his employer, where he is a vice president in the finance and accounting area.