Alexandra Bohorquez

Web Developer and Designer
Bitmore L.P.

“The best part of my experience at was to meet competent teachers who promote investigation, which is an important skill to develop since technology changes every second. Most of the knowledge I got at Dallas College I’ve applied at my work. It was a good starting point.”

Alexandra Bohorquez was one of the first students from Dallas College​ to earn the Computer Information Technology associate degree in Web/Internet Services - Web Production and Design, where she was the winner of the “Iron Webmaster” competition. She also earned a certificate in Web Development and Design.

In her job as a Web developer and designer, she uses programming, computing technology and design tools to build and maintain Web sites and multimedia interfaces, focusing on their functionality, updatability and attractive graphic design. With bilingual communication skills, she also serves as a liaison between client and production teams with her company’s clients in Texas and Mexico.